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Why Do We Shoot?

To understand a company, first, you must understand why they are doing what they do. We are a photography company that focuses a lot on lifestyle. What does lifestyle even mean? Lifestyle can range from person to person, but we define it as “moments and memories you create that hold a significance in your life for a lifetime.” This simple definition defines a lot about why we work so hard every single day to reach out and help more people every single month.

Every major event that we have in our life impacts us for better or worse. We focus on the events and moments that will leave you with a special feeling in your heart. As we continue to work with more customers, we often have feelings of fulfillment and excitement. Every photo shoot and video shoot, makes us feel like we are contributing to someone’s personal life to capture moments that will be remembered. The ability to capture these moments and play a part in people’s lives every single day brings us the most amount of joy and fulfillment we could ever ask for in a career. With this being said, we have created three of the main reasons why we shoot in a more detailed manner. Here we go:

1) Capturing Memories

When we come into a family event, wedding, or gathering we are often greeted with happiness and energy. People gather for certain reasons. Some are gathering to celebrate a holiday or accomplishment, want to spend time with loved ones or have something important to share. Over the years, we have seen one trend with all of the events we go to happiness. When we are walking around and taking photos, we often realize that all of the pictures have attendees smiling, laughing, or conversing.

At the end of the event, we often hear “this was great! We should do this again!” These are the events that you can look back and say “remember that day at John's birthday party?” When you can look back and have the feelings come back to you, it’s something special. When we take our photos and give them to our customers, we know that in 5 years they will look at these photos we have taken and begin to reminisce. We are able to capture a memory of someone’s life and enable them to re-create it in their minds. What is more fulfilling than that?

2) Telling Stories

“A picture speaks a thousand words” is the best way to talk about this. One photo can have so much meaning and different stories behind it that the storytelling aspect of photography is what keeps us hooked. We love the fact that two people can look at the same exact photography and have two completely different stories that don’t have anything to do with one another. A picture can guide you to a place of deep thought of a specific event and bring back feelings that you had during that time.

A perfect example of this is when we had a photograph that we looked at personally when editing it. We had our own personal experience with this photo and had our own story. When we presented the photograph to the customer she talked about how the event was, the feelings she had, how much she wished she could do it again, and how amazing her family was. When we looked at the photo we remembered being an outsider in a large family gathering but greeted by everyone like family at the event. We remember family members treating us to food and drinks and joining toasts. These are the things we remembered.

Every picture has a story to tell individuals who take a minute to look at them. They are always different stories that relate to people in different ways and we at PicaBoost Studios are fortunate to be the ones that allow for the stories to continue on for a lifetime.

3) Improving As A Photographer

PicaBoost Studios has always been a team that focuses on growth and excellence. As we see the company growing every year, we also see how much we all grow personally. We discuss this often with our team about how much we learn from month to month with the experience of going out and working with different customers for different events. It’s a rewarding experience when every day you go out to an event, you can learn something completely new each time. I think that this is one of the best ways to develop as a human.

We improve our photography skills every single time we do a shoot and I’m not sure which career can do that for me as much as photography has.

With every new customer, event, or wedding we realize our love and passion for photography and videography more and more. Nobody comes into photography just for the money because this truly is not a path to follow for people who are not devoted and passionate about photography. This is a passionate sport and every day we learn that the harder things get, the more we enjoy the struggle and challenge. This is why we, PicaBoost Studios, shoot.

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